Mogas Industries acquires Watson Valve assets

Mogas Industries recently completed the asset acquisition of Watson Valve, a Houston-based turnkey manufacturer of heavy-duty service valves, including repair and coating services. Watson has more than 3,400 valve installation bases worldwide, mainly used in the mining industry, but also in the oil, gas and chemical industries.

Mogas Industries acquires Watson Valve assets

This strategic acquisition expands Mogas’s global mining operations in valve supply and valve repair services and adjacent market opportunities, especially those related to the autoclave market. It also provides opportunities for Mogas by incorporating long-term mining customers into its product portfolio, especially in North America.

Mogas is committed to leveraging its extensive global network of internal and authorized repair centers to provide comprehensive support and comprehensive services for the additional customer base brought about by this purchase.

Matt Mogas, President and CEO of Mogas, said: “This acquisition allows Mogas to expand its product portfolio and move closer to realizing our vision as a leading critical care technology company. We hope to provide customers with more choices and will continue to take advantage of it. Our years of field experience will further enhance the Watson product line.”

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