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  • 26 2022-02
    A Breakdown of Industrial Valve Types

    A Breakdown of Industrial Valve Types Valves are arguably the workhorse of piping systems. There are many different types of industrial valves that perform countless jobs from isolating to regulating flow in a variety of different industries, from ba…

  • 25 2022-02
    Global Industrial Valves Market to Reach $92.3 Billion by 2026

    Global Industrial Valves Market to Reach $92.3 Billion by 2026 Industrial valves are mechanical or electromechanical devices intended to control, divert and regulate pressure and flow of fluids by opening, blocking or closing fluid passage. Industria…

  • 22 2016-12
    Final Shipment before holiday & 2021 Holiday Notice – WKT

    Recently we have finished the shipment of a batch ball valves. Due to it’s coming Chinese New Year and to deliver the goods to the customers earlier,all WKT’s staffs try our best to finish all the goods before holiday.What we adhering is to the custo…

  • 22 2016-12
    Mogas Industries acquires Watson Valve assets

    Mogas Industries recently completed the asset acquisition of Watson Valve, a Houston-based turnkey manufacturer of heavy-duty service valves, including repair and coating services. Watson has more than 3,400 valve installation bases worldwide, mainly…

  • 22 2016-12
    Valve positioner installation instructions

    Valve positioner is an important accessory used in pneumatic valve to adjust flow. It is usually used with pneumatic actuator. It can control valve opening by receiving the signal of 4-20mA in controller or control system, so as to control the proces…

  • 22 2016-12
    The development trend of automated valves

    The rise of the industry has brought us many entrepreneurial and employment opportunities. For example, due to the sharp increase in labor costs, more and more customers have begun to choose pneumatic, electric and other automated valves. Most of the…